Map Service Source Code

Prerequisites for MapService:
1. Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003 or above2. IIS 6.0 or above with ASP .NET 2.0
1. kms.dk - map image
2. hvm.dk - find adress
3. CellIdLookupServiceURL - cell id transformation
4. Geoserver - Point of interest data
5. valdemar.kms.dk - coordinate transformation
Installation of MapService:
1.  Unzip mapservice.zip to "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\". A directory called "MapService" should have been created.
2.  Choose Computer, Manage, Services and Applications, Internet Information Services.
3.  Right click on Web Sites, choose "New Web Site".
4.  Enter a suitable site name, e.g. "MapService".
5.  Enter "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MapService" as physical path. Click OK.
6.  OPTIONAL: If the service needs to run together with other sites on the same machine, configure the binding  
    for your ip-address / host. Otherwise, make sure that you stop (or delete) the "Default Web Site" and start "MapService" .

7.  If you get an error saying that the binding '*:80' is assigned to another site, this is because  
    the Default Web Site is using this binding. If you do not plan on using the default web site, click Yes,  
    otherwise configure the binding settings as mentioned in step 6.
8.  Right click on the "MapService", choose Properties.
8.1 Click the Home Directory tab. Make sure the "run scripts" field is set to "Scripts only" (default is "None").
8.2 Click the ASP.NET tab and choose version 2.x.
8.3 Click the Documents tab and add Default.aspx as standard documents.
8.4 Click the HTTP Headers tab and click Filetypes... under MIME mapping. Add the following types:
    .jad        text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor
    .jar        application/java-archive
    .sis        application/octet-stream
9. Right Click on "Images" under "MapService", choose Properties.
9.1 Click the HTTP Headers tab and click "Add..." under "Custom HTTP-headers"
9.2 Enter Name: "Cache-Control" and Value: "public, max-age=31536000"
10. Repeat 9 for "css" under "MapService"
11. Configure the following values in the web.config file:
 - KMSUserName
 - KMSPassword
 - GeoServerURL (should end with "/geoserver/wfs?")
 - CellIdLookupServiceURL
12. Test the service using your browser or mobile phone.
See the documentation for further information.

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