Dokumentation for SignOn v.1.2.3

Dokumentation for version 1.2.3 af SignOn biblioteket.

Start med "Documentation Overview.pdf", som giver en introduktion til biblioteket og dets dokumentation.

Filer og referencer

Titel Type
Plugin Development for the SignOn Library.pdf pdf
GWPlugin Guide.pdf pdf
Deployment Notes.pdf pdf
CAPI PKI Plugin Guide.pdf pdf
Platform Tests.pdf pdf
Using the SignOn library.pdf pdf
Cryptomathic Signer PKI Plugin Guide.pdf pdf
Verifying the integrity of the SignOn Library.pdf pdf
Documentation Overview.pdf pdf
Build Notes.pdf pdf
Library Plugin Signing Setup.pdf pdf

To remove these barriers

Alyce Triplett

To remove these barriers, the Court will, over a year, acquire all legal records from a selected court (such as the Supreme Court or the City of Copenhagen), happy wheels analyze them, and publish the results online.