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Releasedate: 15. July 2009


This release contains a refactored internal API which makes it easier to support other protocols than SAMLP. New features: A /saml/certificate endpoint where the SP certificate can be downloaded online, and a developer mode where no redirects are issued. See the developer docs for information.


4540. added new developer mode - enable with oiosaml-sp.develmode=true
4526. set certificate in test credential
4521. minor docs fix
4518. added certificate handler endpoint
4517. make it possible to download unsigned metadata
4480. added servlet 2.4 requirement
4428. make a couple of fields and methods protected to make the class extensible
4427. clean up imports
4426. set assurancelevel to 0 in default properties
4425. removed extra return statement
4422. support servletcontext as constructor argument in SAMLHandler
4418. potentially load multiple oiosaml-common.properties files
4417. refactored handling of encrypted assertions - removed manual keyencryptionkey extraction
4416. moved assertion decryption to separate class
4408. set assertionConsumerUrl in AuthnRequest
4389. remove explicit action from configure form - this should fix bug where the form is submitted to an unknown page when using the auto-configure feature

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