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Releasedate: 9. February 2009


Maintenance release with a couple of new features.

New features: Support for multi-valued attributes, notifications when initial authentication occurs, make it possible to set an application name, which is appended to the .oiosaml dir.


4249. Fixed unit test for multi attribute values
4247. Added support for more than one AttributeValue
4240. support setting an application name in web.xml which is appended to the oiosaml config dir. This makes it easier to support multiple deployments of the filter to the same appserver without having to edit web.xml.
4239. Fixed bug, so nested directories are created if they don't exists, and added so it can have other names than default (oiosaml-sp.properties), - also added appropriate logging
4237. make it possible to configure a default idp to use when discovery 4235. also check for sessionIndex before adding a new assertion to the jdbc datastore
4231. fix schema error in generated metadata, contactType attribute was missing but is required by saml schema
4230. Added doc about endorsement
4229. implemented AuthenticationHandler interface for notifying applications about user authentications
4228. JdbcSessionHander can now handle re-authentications in the same session - this can happen if using IdP-initiated SSO
4223. make sure RelayState is also added to the queryString - this is necessary when discovery mode is active
4198. fix test
4196. SessionCleaner was not started correctly in SPFilter

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