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Releasedate: 7. January 2009


Fixed some bugs after interop with Symlabs IdP, and added two new features:

1. Re-POSTing of forms after initial signon. If the user's session has timed out while filling out a form, the form content is lost because of the redirects to the IdP. In this version, all form state is saved and can be replayed once the signon process has finished.

2. The session state earlier contained in static maps has been refactored so that it is possible to configure alternative session handlers. The static handler is still default, and a JDBC-based handler is provided. Others can be implemented, for example for memcached.


4195. do cleanup of all tables
4194. added jdbc session handlers (for both jndi and plain jdbc)
4193. removed old comments
4188. refactored SessionHandler to add a SessionHandlerFactory interface with lifecycle control - this makes it possible to create handlers which use external resources which must be initialized
4187. various updates 

  • extend SessionHandler to have saveRequest and getRequest
  • refactored RelayState usage to use opaque string
  • implemented support for POST request replaying after authentication,
  • added developer documentation

4180. added documentation for sessionhandler
4179. fix bugs after integration testing
4178. Refactored LoggedInHandler to an interface called SessionHandler and a default Single VM implementation. This makes it possible to implement cluster-aware state handlers.
4149. log result before parsing xml in httpsoapclient
4147. Support RetrievalMethod in EncryptedData/KeyInfo

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