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Releasedate: 17. December 2008


Some small API adjustments used in OIOSAML-Trust. Assertion validation code has been moved to an external class, and it is now possible to implement custom validation logic using the AssertionValidator interface.

To implement a new validator, simply implement the interface dk.itst.oiosaml.sp.model.validation.AssertionValidator and set the configuration property oiosaml-sp.assertion.validator to the name of the new validator class.


4096. moved common validation code to BasicAssertionValidator
4095. moved validation code from oioassertion to external validator
4060. log response code in HttpSOAPClient
4032. add ds namespace to top element to avoid signature checking problems
4027. fix marshaller problem in wstrust
4024. make it possible to use samlconfiguration for other files
4022. added clone to SAMLUtil
4020. added new unmarshall method to SAMLUtil
3994. added isholderofkey method to oioassertion

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