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Releasedate: 26. November 2008


This release does not change SAML SP functionality, it only contains API changes and additions which are used programatically. Normal installations do not need to upgrade, unless they depend on OIOSAML APIs.


3988. rewrite getRequestURL to the hostname given in SPMetadata. This adds support for load balanced setup
3986. implemented CredentialRepository
3985. moved securityhelper to new package
3984. new security package
3982. ignore ssl host name errors
3977. new security marshalling
3976. automatically detect soap version in httpsoapclient to add correct content-type header
3940. use xmlsec 1.4.2 from ivy
3939. let UserAssertionImpl implement serializable so it can be serialized in a httpsession
3937. use stringbuilder when formatting
3932. depend on xerces 2.9.1
3928. increase number of ids saved in LoggedInHandler
3919. use type checking instead of qnames in SAMLUtil.getFirstElement 
3914. do not use easysslsocketfactory, use dummy impl instead
3895. handle soap faults in 200 ok
3890. moved soapexception to common package
3886. log server fault
3881. support signatures on other objects than signablesamlobject
3876. added wsCall method to SOAPClient
3875. added getFirstElement to SAMLUtils
3873. implemented soapexception
3872. upgraded openws

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