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Release date: 31. October 2008


This fixes a number of bugs and has some API changes. The last BRS-classes have been renamed to SAML*.

Also, a number of encoding issues have been fixed after interop test with virk.dk.


3862. added base64 get method to UserAttribute
3798. added getAttributeNameFormat to IdPMetadata
3797. retrieve body element in wsCall
3795. add logout reason
3791. added getCertificate method
3788. quote soapaction header correctly
3786. renamed BRSConfiguration to SAMLConfiguration
3771. make it possible to specify soap action
3767. handle initial configuration better
3765. expose soap envelope in wsCall
3760. do not use logger until its configured
3759. use property username and password in default constructor
3756. upgraded libs
3754. fix nameid format in logoutrequest
3753. fix bug in SLO if nameid contains foreign characters
3752. support nameformat in attributequery
3751. fix logging path after system property has been removed
3750. let attributequery set nameidformat
3748. always use UTF8 for encoding

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