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Release date: 10. September 2008


Mostly bugfixes and minor features. A number of APIs were fixed, mostly in preparation for OIOTrust.


  • Credentials were cached when loading from a keystore (internal)
  • Replaced xmlsec with a version with debug symbols
  • When an attribute is of a complex type, marshall the contents to a string
  • Do not use thread-unsafe ParserPool from OpenSAML
  • Moved build system to Ivy and Gant
  • Allow SPFilter to span saml/ servlet
  • Add configuration option to add OCES attributes to SP metadata
  • Fixed attribute names for RID and PID attributes (they had a wrong definition)
  • Renamed BRS* classes to SAML*
  • Upgraded OpenSAML, XMLTooling and OpenWS packages
  • Fixed error messages when loading faulty IdP metadata
  • Added metadata servlet at saml/metadata, including metadata signing

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