OIOSAML.Net 2.0.5

Release date: 2020-25-05

Version 2.0.4 has been skipped.

Release notes: OIOSAML.Net (dk.nita.saml20)

- SameSite logic updated for old browsers. SameSite property is no longer set on session cookie when no browser support for SameSite is detected.

- Support for clock skew when validating time restrictions. Default is 5 min.

- Improved error messages when detecting replay attack.

Release notes: dk.nita.saml20.ext.audit.log4net

- No changes

Release notes: dk.nita.saml20.ext.sessionstore.sqlserver

- No changes


Documentation and code can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/digst/OIOSAML.Net

The packages is only available at nuget.org