OIOSAML.Net 3.0.0-alpha

Release date: 2020-03-06

OIOSAML.Net 3.0.0-alpha has been made available. This release contains the following changes:

  • Support for OIOSAML 3.0 profile
  • Support for OIO-BPP 1.2 profile

It has not yet been testet up against the new version of NemLog-in 3 which first will be available for test in Q2. A final release will come after final test against NemLog-in 3.

It cannot be tested up against the current version of NemLog-in 2 because it is not 3.0.0 compliant.

This version supports the old AssuranceLevel LOA and the new NSIS LOA. This is necessary due to users being able to login with both NemID and MitID in a period. See documentation for usage.

Release notes: OIOSAML.Net (dk.nita.saml20)

- Support for OIOSAML 3.0 profile

- Support for OIO-BPP 1.2 profile

- Utility tool for OIO-BPP 1.2 profile.

Release notes: dk.nita.saml20.ext.audit.log4net

- No changes

Release notes: dk.nita.saml20.ext.sessionstore.sqlserver

- No changes


Documentation and code can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/digst/OIOSAML.Net

The packages is only available at nuget.org


Queries on OIOSAML.Net 3.0.0-alpha

Vaibhav Malwade

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are going to enable our ASP.net Web application for SSO, for which we are referring to your OIOSAML.Net library. Before that we have some questions to ask,
1. Does this support OAuth 2.0 as well?
2. In case of any support and maintenance of the product, to whom we have to reach out?
3. What are your redistribution license terms and conditions?
Vaibhav M.

Dear Vaibhav,

Let me try to answer your questions

1. No it only supports OIO SAML

2. You reach out to this forum

3. The license is up to DIGST, currently Mozilla Public License v1.1 is used for the Java implementation.

Please note the a new version of the library is available in the form of a 3.0.0-release, https://www.nuget.org/packages/dk.nita.saml20/

Best regards,
Morten D. Bech

Dear Morten,

Thanks for the quick response, I want to ask you one more question,

Can we use dk.nita.saml20 for authenticate with Okta IDP or other?

If so, would you please send us some sample code which we can refer.

Vaibhav M.

Dear Vaibhav,

Some have used package with other IdPs, but it is not something we provide support on configurating. You can see WebsiteDemo in GitHub repository (https://github.com/digst/OIOSAML.Net/tree/master/src/dk.nita.saml20/WebsiteDemo) how to use the package. Furthermore, you can read the documentation of the configuration parameters, which also available on GitHub: https://github.com/digst/OIOSAML.Net/blob/master/Net%20SAML2%20Service%20Provider%20Framework.docx

Best regards,
Morten D. Bech