oiosaml.java 2.2.0

OIOSAML for Java release 2.2.0 has been made available. This release contains the following changes

  • Support for OIOSAML 3.0 profile
  • Support for OIO-BPP 1.2 profile

Code repository

The SVN repository on Softwarebørsen has been closed, and the code has been moved to Github. The code can now be located here


Maven repository

The binary artifacts are distributed as Maven dependencies, and can be located here


Note about OIOSAML 3.0 profile

The OIOSAML.java 2.2.0 release is compatible with both the old OIOSAML 2.0.9 profile, and the new OIOSAML 3.0 profile, and can be configured to in either a hybrid-mode, or a specific profile-mode. Please consult the documentation found here


Note about required Java version

This release of OIOSAML.java requires Java 8 or higher to use.


Build and test

Mac Wendelboe

Actually building the included IdP requires Java 11.

And the IdP must be built and running in order to execute the unit tests. So it seems like the bootstrap build process is now as complicated as:

1. mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package

2. Fire up up the IdP

3. mvn package

Unfortunately I haven't verified all of this process, since I got stuck on missing Java 11.

True, the IdP is a Java 11 application, but you do not need to actually compile the source, nor run the tests, to use OIOSAML. It is available as a maven dependency.


You also do not need to run the tests to compile the application, so if your step 1 is enough, as that will create the package.