From Process Design to Process Execution

23-04-2010 23:28:13

Abstract: We present an overview of the current distance from process design to process execution based on a series of meetings with a representative selection of vendors of case handling and business process management systems on the Danish market covering the spectrum from full-bodied, general BPMS systems to innovative self-service and knowledge worker case handling systems. Taking outset in the Workflow Repository developed by Local Government Denmark (Kommunernes Landsforening) containing more than 800 BPMN workflows from the danish municipalities we challenged the vendors to give their view on process execution. The result was an identification of the co-existence of several distinct kinds of processes: automated decisions, citizen self-service, and guidance for the case worker, six concrete recommendations for the Workflow Repository on the short run, and a number of joint challenges for researchers, vendors and adopters of process-oriented it on the long run.

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