About Digitalisér.dk

02-05-2019 13:43:39

www.digitaliser.dk is a social network and tool for development, knowledge sharing and a forum for the digitisation of Denmark. The literal translation is Digitise.dk

Digitaliser.dk is both a formal central repository of information on data interchange standards and a big open digital playground - a creative space for everyone involved in digitising the public sector.

Digitalisér.dk aims to stimulate development and adoption of digital content and business models by utilising Web 2.0 technologies and public data and digital resources. With digitaliser.dk, the Danish government has created a new model of partnership between the tech community and government which paves the way for more direct communication between the public sector, citizens, and businesses. Citizens and businesses are no longer passive recipients of public information but participate in dialogue and knowledge sharing with the public sector.

Digitalisér.dk is also a venue that provides an uncomplicated basis for debating common public digitisation by using intuitive web-based interaction rather than formal processes. Digitalisér.dk is also intended to be of value to users outside the Danish public sector and is open for use to all, both public and private, as well as Danish and non-Danish users.

The user interface is not available in English at the moment. If you need a more detailed description of digitalisér.dk in English or should you have any suggestions or comments to digitaliser.dk you are very welcome to contact us at info@digitaliser.dk.

The Danish Agency for Digitisation invite partnerships, participation and usage.

Digitalisér.dk is established and maintained by the Danish Agency for Digitisation.


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