Seal.Java 1.5.13

SOSI release 1.5.13 dated 27. January 2010
- bugfix: Seal now also parses request without the optional element
- bugfix: CredentialVaults now trust their own SystemCredentialPair (RFC 2009-012)

SOSI release 1.5.12 dated 12. August 2009
- bugfix: Seal now parses CDATA sections correctly
- updated certificates and certificate chains used in unit tests

SOSI release 1.5.11 dated 4. November 2008
- added support for AuthenticationLevel 2 (username/password)
- added new constructors for creating idcards to accomodate AuthenticationLevel 2 in SOSIFactory and deprecated the previous ones
- improved parameter validation for model classes
- removed deprecated methods from SOSIFactory

SOSI release 1.5.10 dated 28. July 2008
- added support for deserializing request or reply headers alone (without parsing the entire soap message)
- Updated axis2 demo to use methods for deserializing request and reply headers
- Updated axis2 demo to illustrate how an idcard can be set on the request from the invoking client
- Optimized schema loading

SOSI release 1.5.9 dated 25. February 2008
- Bug-fix: Seal can now again deserialize SecurityTokenRequests with IDCards without CPR

SOSI release 1.5.8 dated 13. February 2008
- added support for additional non-sosi headers in 'specialized' soap-schema (which by default is used for validation)
- added support for specifying an alternative identifier for an IDCard, which will be used as saml:subject.
- added IDCard validation in IDCardModelBuilder
- bugfix: UserOccupation does now get serialized as well
- better validation of IDCard attributes
- added support for DGWS 1.0.1 (Zulu-time):
- SOSIFactory per default creates Request and SecurityTokenRequests as DGWS 1.0.1 messages
- SOSIFactory can be configured to create DGWS 1.0 Request and SecurityTokenRequests by setting the 'sosi:dgws.version' property to '1.0'
- SOSIFactory creates Replies and SecurityTokenResponses (including errors) either based on a Request/SecurityTokenRequest (taking the DGWS version from the request)
or by specifying the the version explicitly in the factory method

SOSI release 1.5.7 dated 24. October 2007
- Fixed issue with hard-coded namespace prefix in IDCard.getSignedByCertificate() and IDCard.generateCertHash()
- Relaxed schema validation (for specialized schemas) to facilitate .Net interoperability
- Enabled off-line schema-validation for non-specialized schemas

SOSI release 1.5.6 dated 4. October 2007
- medcom.xsd now permit attributes in Header element

- setBody(Node) changed to setBody(Element) (and getBody() accordingly) for better type safety
- Lvl 1 SOSI.NET requests now supported
- Non Sosi headers will now stay on Request if parsed through SOSI

- Added SOSIFactory.PROPERTYNAME_SOSI_SEAL_MESSAGE_VERSION - configure Seal to handle older message versions.
- Defaults to version 1.0_0
- Notice: not the same as DWGS Version
- Added PROPERTYNAME_SOSI_VALIDATE_ENHANCED - configure Seal to validate against specialized xmlschemas instead of original schemas
- Defaults to true

- Sosi message format is changed to confirm to original xmlschemas (for AuthenticationLevel 1 only)
- soap:Envelope id changed to wsu:id
- saml:Assertion id attribute renamed to ID
- saml:SubjectConfirmation Method attribute added
- saml:ConfirmationMethod element removed

- XPath handling changed to support WebSphere Xerces version

- Added Axis2 demo

- Removed IDP demo
- demo application mow uses the official TestSTS instead

- Removed UserRole class used by UserIDCard
- Role is now just a String allowing arbitrary userroles

- Hardcoded namespace-prefixes removed
- Seal now accepts arbitrary namespace-prefixes

- Added support for XML deserialization of IDCard in SOSIFactory
- Performance test for binary and xml IDCard serialiation/deserialization .

- Fixed demo applications to throw DGWSFaults instead of custom exceptions

- Removed demos from binary distribution

- Changed API for external signing of IDCard: The certificate now first has to be specified in IDCard.injectSignature()
not when calling IDCard.getBytesForSigning()

SOSI release 1.5.5 dated 28. Mar 2007
- IDCards now namespace-selfcontained
- UserIDCards binary serialization fixed

SOSI release 1.5.4 dated 16. Mar 2007
- UTF-8 encoding problem fixed
- IDCard and associated classes are now binary serializable

SOSI release 1.5.3 dated 8. Mar 2007
- Caching of DocumentFactoryBuilder in XmlUtil is now configurable. Default is still "true".
- Fixed a possible (but somewhat unlikely) thread safety issue, when using the library in "mixed" conditions, where some threads are validating while
parsing DOM while others are not. The symptoms would be requesting a non-validating DocumentBuilder but recieving a validating builder
or vice-versa.

SOSI release 1.5.2 dated 26. feb 2007
IDCard isValidInTime fixed and tested

SOSI release 1.5.1 dated 22. feb 2007
- now runs without referencing folders
- default it does output requests/responses via sositest:saveoutput property
- loads *.jks, templates from classpath
Formatted XML
- added convenience method removeFormatting() on XmlUtil

SOSI release 1.5 dated 19. Jan 2007

CryptoProvider setup changed
- removed Bouncy Castle as a runtime dependency when using SOSIFactory
- introduced CryptoFacade to handle non-JCE govened crypto methods.
- introduced SignatureUtil.setupCryptoProviderForJVM() - a utility for setting up cryptoprovider properties in sosi based on the running vm
- if cryptoprovider properties are set or defaults to Bouncy Castle, this provider is automatically added

- properties and defaultvalues removed: sosi:federation and sosi.federation.revocationcheck
- SOSIFactory(CredVault, Props) logic changed. no implicit federation added any longer.
- Federation.createNewFederation() is removed - use constructors on concret xxxFederation instead
- Changed default CertificateStatusChecker to NaiveCertificateStatusChecker

- all static properties are removed. Supply all properties to SOSIFactory constructor.
- changed SOSI_DEFAULT_AUDIT_EVENT_HANDLER = "dk.sosi.seal.pki.NoAuditEventHandler".

Corrected WS-Trust generation error:
RequestSecurityTokenRequest to RequestSecurityToken

- AxisUtil class added - helps with appending SOSI DOM to SoapEnvelope

Namespaces on generated Fault messages reduced

Removed unused features
- encrypt, decrypt
- all deprecated methods and classes (and refactored all references to deprecated methods and classes).

Unittests can now be run with or without BC on classpath, when using JDK1.5 (some tests will automatically get disabled though)

- CPRDemo now runs with axis generated body model, implicit sosiheaders in wsdl, sosi handlers and exception handling

- sts template role changed from nurse to doctor
- Changed from system properties to ordinary properties
- Userinfo and Securitylevel bugs in testtools fixed (rev. 668)

- Removed dependency to Xalan for JDK 1.5

- Runtime dependencies for JRE 1.4 and 1.5 are documented in the programmers guide.

SOSI release 1.4.1 dated 3. jan 2007

New idcards now expire correctly after 24 hours

Test sourcecode is now included in release

SOSI release 1.4 dated 22. dec 2006

Methods on CredentialVault concerning trust verification has been deprecated.
Use of Federation mechanism, with automatic trust verification, is recommended
CredentialVault will not be used for trust verification if federation is specified.

Introduced AuditEventHandler allowing applications to be notified on informational, warning and error
audit events. Default implementation logs event information by apache commons-logging, but may be overridden.

Removed explicit dependency of bouncycastle jce security provider.
SOSI runtime system will run only by means of standard Sun JCE provider (1.4 enhanced, 1.5), or any
other suitable jce provider supplied to the SOSI library.
Please refer to user documentation on how to specify alternative security providers.
SOSI Seal tool operations still needs external #PKCS12 support when running in 1.4

CRL strategy for TDCOCESAuthority has been changed in favor of an asynchronous download of full CRL.
CRL cache implementation may be customized by implementing interface ObjectCache
CRL control by full CRL may be overridden by implementing interface CertificateStatusChecker

Interface CertificateStatusCheckErrorHandler has been deprecated.
It is rather recommended to implement an instanceof AditEventHandler

Deprecated interface CertificateStatusChecker.
Recommended method is to implement a custom federation and supply to the constructor of SOSIFactory

IDcard attribute validation
- IDCard attributes is now validated when added to Message (this is done because there is different validationrules on each type of message)
- When deserializing IDCard version is now checked if compatible with framework

The attribute userOccupation is now available from the model

Securityprovider properties
- renamed and split up so every crypto feature can be handled individually
- changed from static to be added to SOSIFactory instance properties
- can now be added to Seal Tool also

FaultActor on STS responses
- Added member/element "faultactor" on SecurityTokenResponse (when failing).
- New parameter on SOSIFactory when creating SecurityTokenResponse failures.

Better check for missing and confusing elements in IDCards
- missing IDCardData or SystemLog elements now fails while deserializing
- missing UserLog in UserIDCards fails while deserializing
- confusing UserLog element in SystemIDCards now fails while deserializing

saml:Subject in serialized System ID cards contained invalid value according to DGWS 1.0. This has now been fixed.

TestTools module added
- contains classes for generating SecurityTokenRequests and Requests containing different types of valid and invalid IDCards.

SOSI release 1.3 dated 16. nov 2006

Introduced Federation
- Hooked up trust verification in GenericCredentialVault
- Added correct subject serial numbers for the two federations

Revocation check implemented

Added TDC credential pair issuer

Implemented issue seal command

Securityprovider for PKCS12 and RSA is defaulted to Bouncy Castle
- System Property sosi:pkcs12provider added so another provider than Bouncy Castle can be choosed
- System Property sosi:rsaprovider added so another provider than Bouncy Castle can be choosed
- This enables Seal to run on IBM sdk's (if Bouncy Castle is installed)

OCESCertHash can now be handled by the STS
- hence the certhash is optional on SecurityTokenRequest
Added SOSI methods:
- new constructors on Message subclasses containing certHash

Schema validation mechanism is changed for backward compatibility issues

Property sosi:rootschema added to specify root schema file to validate against.
- this is handy if you want your message body validated aswell

CPR Demo service flow added
- this shows how a securitylevel 1 service could be made

SOSI release 1.2 dated 27. oct 2006

Authentication Level 1 now supported
New SOSI factory methods introduced:
- createNewSystemIDCard(.., AuthenticationLevel, ..)
SOSI factory methods deprecated:
- createNewSystemIDCard(..)

EmptyCredentialVault added
Useful if you only want to support Authentication Level 1, where no credentials is needed

CPR is now optional in SecurityTokenRequests
New SOSI factory methods introduced:
- copyToVOCESSignedIDCard(IDCard idcard, String CPR)

SOSI release 1.1 dated 09. oct 2006

IdP communication changed from SAML to WS-Trust specifications.
New SOSI factory methods introduced:
- createNewSecurityTokenRequest
- createNewSecurityTokenResponse
with corresponding deserializers
- deserializeSecurityTokenRequest
- deserializeSecurityTokenResponse

The library now supports renewal of TDC VOCES certificates. Clients can
choose to renew certificates in any of the following ways:
- using the seal command tool
- using RenewableFileBasedCredentialVault and its renew() method
- using TDCCredentialPairRenewer and its renew(CredentialPair pair) method

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