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oiosaml.java 2.0.4

OIOSAML for Java release 2.0.4 has been made available. This release contains the following changes

  • The setting ''oiosaml-sp.crl.disable-in-oces-test" has been correctly renamed in oiosaml-common.properties

If you are using OIOSAML 2.0.3, and want to perform CRL checking against TEST OCES certificates, either upgrade to this version, or make sure to add the following (badly spelled) setting to your properties file


This release contains no other changes, so if revocation checking against TEST OCES certificates is not an important issue, you can skip this release.

Code repository

The code is still available through Softwarebørsen SVN, and can be located here


Maven repository

The binary artifacts are distributed as Maven dependencies, and can be located here