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oiosaml.java 2.0.1

OIOSAML for Java release 2.0.1 has been made available. This is a minor fix, that resolves some internal build issues, and fixes an issue with loading IdP metadata without a use-attribute on KeyDescriptors.

Code repository

The code is still available through Softwarebørsen SVN, and can be located here


Maven repository

The binary artifacts are distributed as Maven dependencies, and can be located here




This release contains the following changes

  • Fixed issue with with IdP metadata that does not have a use attribute indicating which KeyDescriptor is used for Signing. We now fallback to KeyDescriptors with no use attribute if no Signing is present
  • Renamed demo binary to make deployment easier
  • Moved GPG into a profile in maven, så it is possible to compile code without having to sign the binary files

OpenSAML v3?

Lars Skyum

OIOSAML for Java v2.0.1 has a dependency to org.opensaml:opensaml:2.6.6. Are there any plans to upgrade to v3 of OpenSAML? I read this on OpenSAML wiiki pages:

End of Life Warning

As of July 31, 2016, all security maintenance for the OpenSAML V2 Java release branch will cease. A complete schedule of the dates can be found here. All deployments should upgrade to V3 or evaluate other alternatives.


Mvh. Lars


Hi Lars.

The upgrade from OpenSAML 2.x to 3.x is a somewhat large change to the OIOSAML framework, and it is not currently planned.