What is NHR PoRS2?

24-05-2016 08:38:40

NemHandelsRegister (NHR) is the national Danish register for Receivers/Participants in the NemHandel infrastructure.

PoRS2 is the 2nd generation of the PoRS service (Profile Oriented Registration Service). Via PoRS2 it is possible to maintain (create, update and delete) data in NHR.

Access to PoRS2 is granted using a OCES2 certificate (FOCES or MOCES) - please see http://registrationservice-test.nemhandel.dk/nemhandel-pors/info/ for introduction to PoRS2.

Questions regarding NHR or/and PoRS2 can be sent to NemHandel Support.

Kind regards,
Peter Sone Koldkjær, mySupply ApS
Konsulent for Digitaliseringsstyrelsen