The goal of this toolkit is to make it easy for Web Service Consumers (WSC) to support the OIOIDWS 1.0.1a profile.

OIOIDWS defines five scenarios but it is only "Scenario 5: Rich client and external IdP / STS" that is supported in this version. Also referred to as "Signature case".

The toolkit has only been tested with encrytped SAML assertions of type holder-of-key.

The toolkit is accessible through NuGet. Please read the readme.txt file that will appear after downloading the package.

The source code including running examples are available at Softwarebørsen. Please read the https://svn.softwareborsen.dk/OIOIDWS/trunk/readme.txt on how to get started.

NOTICE: After having downloaded the NuGet package the configuration file must be updated so that the configSections element is the first child under the configuration element. This will be fixed in the next release.

Filer og referencer

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OIOIDWS.Net WSC Ekstern reference
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OIOIDWS.Net Softwarebørsen Ekstern reference