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OIOSAML.NET version 1.7.11

Releasedate: 2014-09-25


References to EnableViewStateMac has been removed, since it's been deprecated by Microsoft based on the risk for potential exploits.

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Hi guys...I found a bug within SAML20FederationConfig.cs...more localized in the implementation of the HandleUpdateIdp method...

The line 


must translate into:

if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(endp.Name))
         endp.Name = metadataDoc.EntityId;
endp.Id = metadataDoc.EntityId;

so we don't lose the Name attribute as defined within the config. In certain circumstances this is important.



PS. I didn't find any other place where to report it, so I added it here...if you think it's an unappropriate place to be please delete the post...

Hi Radu

Thanks for your input. It is hereby added to our work list.

In which cicumstances was it important to you?

Best regards

Kasper Møller


create my own IDP in .net language (VS-2010).

vikas patil

Dear Team,

  1. I want to create my own IDP in .net language (VS-2010).

  2. The logic behind my development er connect two systems.

  3. 1) SpringCM

    2) Another Customized APP udviklede in .net

  4. I want two bridges the two applications from one login from my IDP.

  5. Which steps we Require skapa our own SSO IDP Redirecting to our .net app and from our customized application two SpringCM dashboard and visa versa.

I am new two this IDP

In henviste kentor ( http://stubidp.kentor.se/ ) for skapa own IDP but this code is available in VS 2013 and our customized .net app is VS 2010.

I want the same code in VS 2010.Please advise

Please guide me how I will connect botheration app (SpringCM and our customized .net app).

In review your code in thing it is very useful to me.is your code paid?

So please provide me exact source code and demowebsite for more better understanding.

It is very helpful if you guid me.