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RASP .NET 2.0.2

.NET based reference implementation of OIORASP profile version 1.2

Main purposes of this patch release have been fixing smaller issues not related to functionality:

•    dk.gov.oiosi.raspProfile.dll added to binary package.
•    Unit tests depending on old UDDI Test setup, has been updated to depend on new NHR Test setup.
•    Schematron version 1.5 to project (2013.09.15) added to project (http://digitaliser.dk/resource/2514884)
•    Presentation style-sheets version 1.5 (2013.03.15) added to project (http://digitaliser.dk/resource/2455502)
•    And others - please see release notes.

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Configure logger to use latest library of Log4Net v1.2.13 ?

Markús Guðmundsson

Is there a way to configure the Logger to use the latest version of Log4Net?

The version linked in to OIOSI RASP library is using v1.2.11 and because the Strong Name in the Log4Net assembly changed in the new versions, there are conflicts when trying to use the RASP library with other assemblies which use the latest version.


Hi Markus

Yes, it is possible to change the type (or version) of the logger that is used in RASP.

Here I will give a short step-by-step description.
1 - Create a new project - lets call it 'newLog4Net'.

2 - Add a reference to the new logger you which to use, and add a reference to the 'dk.gov.oiosi.Logging' project.

3 - Add to new classes to the new project ‘newLog4Net’, each implementing the interfaces ILogger and ILoggerCreator from the 'dk.gov.oiosi.Logging' project. An implementation can be seen in the classes Log4Net and Log4NetCreator (https://svn.softwareborsen.dk/openebusiness/dk.gov.oiosi/library/dotnet/trunk/src/dk.gov.oiosi.Logging/logging).

4 - Compile the project and copy the dll into the folder containing the Rasp (including the new version of Log4Net).

5 - Update the configuration file 'dk.gov.oiosi.logging.dll.config', so the new logger creator now point to you new logger creator class. The creator value is defined as 'NameSpace.Class, ProjectName'. If you simple copy the two files from svn into you new project called 'newLog4Net', the xml value should look like this:

6 - Test to see it works.


Jacob Mogensen - mySupply Aps
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