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RASP .NET 2.0.0

.NET based reference implementation of OIORASP profile version 1.2

Main purposes of this release have been:

  • Full support for Foces2 certificates. Foces1 is still supported in this version, BUT after June 2013 DanID will no longer issue Foces1 certificates. Renewal of Foces1 certificates will also not be possible after this date.

The version number is changed to 2.0.0 to clearly indicate, that this version of RASP will not be able to communicate with any RASP 1.x software where one of the parties communicating has updated to Foces2.

Everyone must upgrade to RASP 2.0.0 no later than 15.06.2013 - better sooner than later!

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OIOSI RASP Library for .Net Release Notes.pdf pdf
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