Lundbeck and migration to the cloud - a short analysis

24-08-2012 00:02:58

This brief analysis deals with the possible challenges of migration of Lundbeck's SAP solution and IT infrastructure generally to the cloud, and could apply to any pharmaceutical or medicinal company.

The analysis is made in conjunction with the course "ERP Systems" at ITU, autumn semester 2011. The information in this article comes from interviews with some of Lundbeck's key staff, from several articles relating to the subjects, and from various information collected on the web. The article does not go into depth, but rather scratches the surface. A deeper analysis could be performed by first and foremost analyzing all service and deployment models, with their advantages and disadvantages, seen from Lundbeck's point of view. Then a deeper dive into the details could be made, taking the emerging questions in a larger forum of different stakeholders, afterwards selecting an appropriate cloud strategy.

Article is available in Danish also.

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