The Idea Catalogue [EN]

11-06-2012 14:47:40

Idékatalog til Kod i ferien

This is an introduction to the Idea Catalogue - in Danish Idekataloget. The purpose of this introduction is to give you a survey of some of the projects for you to throw yourself into.

The Idea Catalogue only exists in Danish. So for those of you who do not speak the language, we have to advice you to rely on online translation services - naturally, such services may result in immense creativity. Therefore, in the event of gibberish, please contact os by email at opensource@digst.dk, and we will try to clear things up for you. 

There are a couple of things you can do to get an overview of the projects available. In the Idea Catalogue you will find a couple of concrete ideas as comments below the intro-text.

Alternatively, you may flick through the Software Exchange (Softwarebørsen) and look for inspiration, or you can browse the Software catalogue.

If you are in doubt or have any questions, please contact the administrator of the group representing the project related to your idea - or contact us by email at opensource@digst.dk

We hope that the list of projects will expand during the application period, so please revisit the list frequently. 


XML Validation

Ole Madsen

Examine the opportunities on how to electronically valide of foreign documents.

On the basis of a specific document to create a mini validator based on xml and xslt.

You may use Java or .NET

We provide an XML document and an XML Schema and the student makes a validator that can tell whether the document is correct XML, and comply with EU rules and comply with Danish law.

Contact: Ole Madsen - olema(at)digst.dk for more information.

ændret af Ole Madsen (13.06.2012)