Application [EN]

11-06-2012 12:32:46

Ansøg til Kod i ferien

Applications consist of ideas for a project. The projects are many different things - examples and inspiration can be found in the Idea Catalogue - the link will redirect you to an English introduction.

If your application is chosen you will enter a more formal agreement with the Agency for Digitisation.

In order to participate, your application must be sent in not later than June 24th.

Your application must include: 

  • Title of your idea
  • Which project you idea is based upon
  • The name of the organisation - who is your "customer/client" 
  • A description of you project idea, including:
    • What do you expect to develop? 
    • What are the perspectives of your idea?
    • Any challenges you might already know of
  • A description of your skills relevant to the project, e.g. courses you might have taken, studies, jobs, other development tasks etc.
  • Your motivation for participating and your ambitions for the project
  • Documentation from your current place of education, e.g. documents confirming that you are enrolled and active
  • An anticipated schedule for the project
  • Your t-shirt size (YES! Participants will get a t-shirt!)  

Application is open to all students enrolled in a higher education course in Denmark. The actual application process has not yet been established - so if your fingers are itching, or if you have any questions please send an email to opensource@digst.dk.

You may also find further information in the FAQ.