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Seal.Java 2.1.3

SOSI release 2.1.3 dated 6. june 2012
- Updated to valid test-certificate for ldap-based tests and re-enabled tests
- Improved LibertyRequestModelBuilder
- Introduced SignatureProvider as an alternative to CredentialVault
- Added CredentialVaultSignatureProvider as adapter
- deprecated methods in SignatureUtil
- introduced workaround for running Seal together with WSS4J
- Fixed issue concerning multi-threaded access to readonly FileBasedCredentialVault

Known issues: Liberty functionality in Seal does not work together with WSS4J (and hence products that depend on it like Apache Rampart)

SOSI release 2.1.2 dated 26. october 2011
- Updated expired test-certificate

SOSI release 2.1.1 dated 6. october 2011
- added serialnumber check in federation certificate lookup
- deprecated AxisUtil (including DOMBodyElement and DOMHeaderElement used by AxisUtil)
- schema validation now also works for IDWSH messages that haven't been serialized (useful for testing)
- Seal now no longer depends on xerces and xml-apis
- Seal now only depends on jdom for testing
- Seal now depends on wss4j
- removed automatic check of validity in time for identity tokens on client-side API
- upgraded Xalan to 2.7.1
- added LibertyRequestDOMEnhancer to build OIOIDWS Liberty SOAP messages
- added preliminary LibertyRequestModelBuilder to parse OIOIDWS Liberty SOAP messages (to be improved in next Seal release)

SOSI release 2.1.0 dated 15. august 2011
- fixed signature validation for serialized Identity Tokens
- updated 'Programmers Guide' with new IDWSH API
- ensured interopability with Seal.NET for serialized Identity Tokens
- added trust to the new foces-based federation-certificates (RFC 2011-031)

SOSI release 2.1.0-beta-1 dated 15. july 2011
- added new IDWSHFactory with support for:
  - creating/parsing IDWS-H Identity Token Requests
  - creating/parsing IDWS-H Identity Token Responses
  - serializing/deserializing IDWS-H Identity Token to/from URL parts
  - support for certificate retrieval from OCES operators LDAP trees
- upgraded Xerces to 2.11.0
- upgraded Xml-api to 1.4.01
- Seal depends now on UnboundID LDAP SDK for LDAP access

Known issues:
- signature validation is not working on serialized Identity Tokens yet

SOSI release 2.0.0 dated 12. may 2011
- added Luna HSM based CredentialVault implementation
- extended SOSIFactory#copyToVOCESSignedIDCard (CAB-RFC-2011-003)
- removed testtools module from binary distribution
- added root certificate for PP Test environment (besides the root certificate for IG environment)

SOSI release 2.0.0-rc-1 dated 15. april 2011
- added revocationcheck including a CRL based implementation
- added OCES2 production root certificate
- dropped support for Java 1.4

SOSI release 2.0.0-beta-1 dated 1. March 2011
- SOSI factory has been refactored to support OCES2.
   - SOSIFederation and SOSITestFederation now require an IntermediateCertificateCache to handle OCES2 intermediate certificates,
     Seal provides an InMemoryCertificateCache and an IntermediateCertificateCacheHelper to retrieve the intermediate certificates.  
   - Seal now depends on Bouncy Castle, both as an X509 provider under Java 1.4, since SUNs provider in Java 1.4 cannot handle SHA256,
     but also as a DER Octet string handler, used for retrieving the location of the intermediate certificate.
     As of Seal 2.0, Bouncy Castle is therefore required at all times.
- Seal depends now on Commons HttpClient 3.1 (used in IntermediateCertificateCacheHelper)
- XML security has been updated to 1.4.4
- Maven build process has been cleaned and several warnings have been removed.
- Coverage has been increased to approx 90 %.
- updated certificates used in unit-tests

SOSI release 1.5.13 dated 27. January 2010
- bugfix: Seal now also parses request without the optional <RequireNonRepudiationReceipt> element
- bugfix: CredentialVaults now trust their own SystemCredentialPair (RFC 2009-012)

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