Baggrundsrapport - Research about Open OXML, ODF and PDF

06-01-2012 12:45:10

This report is the result of a preliminary research commissioned by the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency (ITST) and conducted by Ovitas AS Norway in 2006.
The purpose of this preliminary research was to establish whether the three document formats, OpenXML, ODF and PDF met the following criteria for qualifying as candidates for open standards for document formats.

The criteria covered in this research include three main areas:

  1. Openness (open documentation, rights, open interface, open meeting, consensus, due process)
  2. Market issues (penetration, maturity, implementation)
  3. Business potentials (functional and non-functional requirements, security, potentials and architecture)

The conclusion of this preliminary research is that both OpenXML and ODF qualify as viable candidates for open standards for editorial document formats based on the criteria used in this research. PDF is currently controlled by Adobe Systems but has a unique worldwide take up.

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