Deloitte: 'Unlocking growth: How open data creates new opportunities for the UK' - analyse (dec 2011)

14-12-2011 11:29:42

Kortfattet baggrund (fra Deloitte):

"The relationship between government, business and citizen is undergoing a fundamental change. In these times of continuing austerity, government leaders understand that opening up access to data can lead to greater public sector efficiency, transparency and accountability. But this is just the beginning. The United Kingdom is now pushing forward with its Growth Agenda, promising a future in which open data will deliver powerful, value-adding isights that benefit citizens, business, public bodies and wider communities alike."

Analysen kan downloades nedenfor. Oprindeligt publiceret http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_GB/uk/market-insights/deloitte-analytics/2d376cdde7e14310VgnVCM1000001a56f00aRCRD.htm

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