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oiosaml.java 8501

This release fixes an issue with post-binding and single-logout.

If the serviceprovider is hit with a single-logout request through post-binding, and the sp metadata does not contain a http-redirect binding, the oiosaml filter will throw an exception. This unfortunate dependency has been removed in this release.

Upgrade Instructions

Since this release follows shortly after the last release (v8330), it is recommended to read the upgrade instructions for v8330 as well, to ensure that any new dependencies are resolved correctly.

No changes has been made to the OIOSAML.java configuration since the last release, so the upgrade can be performanced simply by upgrading the bundled JAR packages. The following steps needs to be performed

1) Download the latest version of OIOSAML.java (link below)
2) Unzip the file - The following files are relevant for the upgrade


3) The files needs to be added as dependencies to the application that uses OIOSAML.java - old versions of these files needs to be deleted.

4) When the application has been rebuild, the files are expected to be located under WEB-INF/lib - and it is recommended to verify that the new files are indeed part of the final build, and that any old versions are deleted. The demo-application bundled with OIOSAML.java can be used as a reference-point for this.

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