Introduction to KIF11 project

18-08-2011 13:12:01

Digitaliser.dk is a social networking platform that allows its users and viewers to extend their social network by sharing their knowledge. One can share and save its views by making it visible to others.  Others are allowed to comment on that specific topic and to share their knowledge about the same topic. In such a way, it makes a social network of people where they are connected to each other to share their knowledge. Moreover, it digitizes the industry by providing resources, guidelines, recommendations and useful thoughts in the development of IT and Telecom sector.

Digitaliser.dk is part of Ministry of Science and is located at the Center for Digitization (CDI) in the IT and Telecom agency.

The project is about designing and developing a prototype for mobile version of Digitaliser.dk. The web version of the Digitalizer.dk contains lots of groups, resources and news and it is required to develop the mobile version Digitaliser.dk such that the users of Digitaliser.dk can connect and access the resources from the smart phones as well.

Few designs have been analyzed to proceed with the development of mobile version of Digitaliser.dk but the one that is followed gets the online updates as soon as they are posted. This design is under development using PHP, HTML. It gets the XML feeds and parses the XML data to get the useful information to display. These XML feeds have all the URLs to the groups and resources. Each of these groups are accessed through these URLs.

Right now, it can access all the information about groups and the work is progressing little by little. Furthermore, all the resources and news under the groups are required to fetch.  


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Humira Ehrari

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