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18-08-2011 13:17:18

About the project

The purpose of this document is to mainly highlight the requirements and to

discuss the approach to fulfill the task.

*The objective*

The goal is to develop a mobile version of digitalizers.dk using the
provided resources. These resources are XML feeds.



*Tools *

 The tools used are PHP, WAMP server, HTML


*Possible solutions*



  1. Parsing the XML data online 
    The approach contains a PHP based script that parses the XML data online and
    finds the required information. Later, this information can be used to
    display on the website.

  2. Parsing the data from XML file
    In this approach XML file is downloaded and using different file operations
    the data is grab from the XML file and so it would be displayed according
    the requirement.

  3. Using a XML feed reader 
    In this approach, an application or open source code can be used to read the
    required information from the XML file and so the job can be done.

  4. Storing the information from XML file in mysql
    This approach contains small database, possibly using mysql. A small
    PHP/Perl based scipt can help to grab the required information and then
    storing it in the msyql based tables and then those tables can be used to
    display information on the website.



All these solutions are analyzed and can be followed to do the job but
currently the solution-1 is followed. The online XML file is processed
through PHP script to grab the required data. The script parses the XML data
and finds the required links and then displays them on the web page.

After a successful results, solution-1 or solution-2 can be followed to
design a full fledge mobile version of digitalizer.dk.

So far a basic prototype design is made in HTML to display the feed results
properly in their place and working on the script to grab required data from
XML file.  A design report will be presented in couple of days.




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