DevTest4 beta-release and OIO IDWS implementations

26-03-2021 12:25:46

With the beta-release of the forthcoming version of NemLog-in a couple of changes have been made to the OIO IDWS reference implementations in Java and .NET. To ease testing the examples have been updated to use beta-release available on the DevTest4 environment. The changes and release versions are described below.


The example for WSPs in both Java and .NET has been updated to reflect how to extract privileges from an OIO SAML 3 assertion under the new attribute name and XML namespace (OIO BPP version 1.2). However, the forthcoming release of the NemLog-in STS does not include support for producing OIO SAML 3 Assertion for WSPs.

Local Token scenarios and OIO SAML 3

The format of the integration between a Local STS and the NemLog-in STS is not defined when based on the OIO SAML 3 profile. Therefore, it is only possible to use existing format for Local Token based on the OIO SAML 2 profile.

DevTest4 metadata

Metadata for DevTest4 can be found at https://www.nemlog-in.dk/vejledningertiltestmiljo.

Both the Java and .NET OIO IDWS demo examples have updated to use the DevTest4 IdP and STS.

Software releases

  • OIOIDWS.NET (Digst.OioIdws) version 3.0.2
  • OIOIDWS.Java version 1.0.1

OIOIDWS.Net (Digst.OioIdws) version 3.0.2

Added examples of Local Token scenario based on OIO SAML 2 profile and updated STS interface to reflect the possibility of using a Local Token for authentication. These changes only affect the WSC implementations in SOAP and REST. Please note the entire code base has been lifted to be based on .NET Framework 4.7.2 from .NET Framework 4.5.

NuGet packages are available at NuGet.org:

Copy of the source code can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/digst/OIOIDWS.Net/archive/3.0.2.zip

OIOIDWS.Java version 1.0.1

Added manual example of how to use Bootstrap Token in a REST scenario.

No Maven packages are published from the repository.

A copy of the source code can be download from GitHub: https://github.com/digst/OIOIDWS.Java/archive/1.0.1.zip