FindToilet mest downloaded app i Danmark via OpenData

27-10-2018 14:13:54


He show my project in slide 73 out of 82 slides like Pascual Berrone from IESE Business School has just shown several places here in Denmark at the seminar "From Smart Cities to Smart Governance" at Orestad Innovation City Copenhagen + Lyngby-Taarbæk Vidensby + via-university-college.

Pascual Berrone’s own words that follow this slide are:
“FindToilet is a great example of an initiative that uses open data in the city of Copenhagen (and now in many surrounding municipalities). At some point in time, it was the most downloaded app using open data. Every time I go to Copenhagen I ask people if they know it and there are always several that respond positively. In thinking why this is such as successful case, I strongly believe because this app is offering something of value to the citizens. There are moments in your life that knowing where the closest toilet is results relevant”.

It turns out that since 2014 he has shown this slide and told praying about my app FindToilet not only in Denmark but many places in the world eg. Buenos Aires, Singapore, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona.

Read all about my service http://findtoilet.dk/apps and which councils are attending today.

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