Interested in working with Big Data?

Then have a look at our Big Data Viz academy cases from May. We worked among other datasets with wind turbin data,biking data and library data. You can get a instant overview of the history and status of wind turbines in Denmark. Eye-opening visualization that captures the linkage between kilometres biked and public earnings as well as investments and return on more bikeways in Copenhagen. And also presentation of an invaluable tool to understand the patterns of library use in the region of Aarhus. Link to these three cases:http://bigdataviz.dk/program/cases-from-workshop-1/ We also have a Big Data ViZ Management seminar in Vejle the 3rd dec. 2013The seminar focuses on how to explore the business potentials in Big Data and why visualization methods can make all the difference in understanding and communicating Big Data in order better to drive innovation.• Driving innovation with big data.
• Stakeholder management and organization drivers for using big data
• Quick starting points and mobilization strategies
• Tools and methods for different types of innovation needs
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