SAMLTrace - a Firefox Add-On for SAML debugging

21-06-2011 13:22:02

Today UNINETT released the first public beta of the SAMLTracer Add-On. It's a tool for viewing SAML messages sent through the browser during single sign-on and single logout. A great tool to shortcut debugging/verifying SAML implementations for developers, that otherwise had to do multiple steps to reach the same information.

The Add-On can be downloaded from mozilla.org:


Here's a small example based on a login with NemID here on digitaliser.dk (AuthnRequest to Nem Log-In), first the pure HTTP View:

HTTP View of trace

which naturally could be done with ex. FireBug or TamperData. The SAML-View is the new feature that SAMLTrace brings to life:

SAML View of trace

The Add-On is developed by the UNINETT Group, that delivers network connections and services to Norwegian universities, university colleges and research institutions, and handles other (Norwegian) national ICT tasks in the best interests of society.

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