EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility )

The EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is a European Union program which consists of a series of building blocks:

CEF building blocks:

  • CEF eInvoicing
  • ­CEF-eDelivery
  • CEF eID
  • CEF eSignature
  • CEF eTranslation

In the EU, there are many activities going on in the Digital Single Market. The Danish Business Authority has received grants from the EU to implement two of the EU Digital Single Market building blocks, namely CEF eInvoice and CEF eDelivery.


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Ressourcer i EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility )

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14.06.2019 Ressource - EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility ) - Version: 1.0

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20.10.2018 Ressource - EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility ) - Version: 1.0

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