Serviceorienteret infrastruktur: RASP Java

This group is intended for official news from the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen). On this page you can find notifications and releases of the RASP Java software used in NemHandel.

The group is also a forum for debate and questions among group members.

JetBrains is kindly supporting OIORASP open source projects (Java + .NET) with its full-featured TeamCity Continuous Integration platform.

YourKit is kindly supporting OIORASP open source projects (Java + .NET) with its full-featured YourKit Profiler.


NemHandel Support (E-mail: support@nemhandel.dk )

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Debat i Serviceorienteret infrastruktur: RASP Java

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26.02.2019 Debat - Kommentarer: 1

Fejl ved start af Tomcat server

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08.12.2017 Debat - Kommentarer: 1

dk.gov.oiosi.library-2.1 opgradering problem

Gruppens profilbillede

11.03.2015 Debat - Kommentarer: 6

Fejl ved forsendelse af 5,3 Mb fil

Gruppens profilbillede

23.09.2014 Debat - Kommentarer: 0

Fejl i anden version

Gruppens profilbillede

09.09.2014 Debat - Kommentarer: 0

Fejl i første version

Gruppens profilbillede

25.02.2014 Debat - Kommentarer: 1

problem med process instruksen TestInstance

Gruppens profilbillede

20.02.2014 Debat - Kommentarer: 0

Klient og library unit tests.

Gruppens profilbillede

04.12.2013 Debat - Kommentarer: 1

Test uddi nede samt certifikat problemer.