Unique Entity ID

Zoran Avtarovski

Hi Guys,

I am getting an error when I submit my generated SPMetaData file with regards to the ENity ID I am using. I know why I'm getting the error I'm just not sure what the protocols are to deal with this.  The error is:

Error(Line 1): the specified entity id https://saml.app.domain.dk is used by another service. Please choose another name.

The issue I have is we are the other service using the domain, for our OIOSAML2 config. The OIOSAML Web SSO Profile Guide says:

Deployments MUST be named via an absolute URI whose total length MUST NOT exceed 256 characters. To support having a well-known location from which metadata can be downloaded the Entity Identifier SHOULD be derived from the internet domain name of the Service Provider e.g.

     https://saml.[domain name]

I'm not sure what the protocols in this case are.  I don't want to create an entity ID that breaks convention or will cause issues down the line.

Thanks again


Hi Zoran,

This is not a question in relation to the OIO SAML profile or its implementation in Java or dotNET. This is question about the business rules services must abide by imposed by NemLog-in. Therefore I encourage you to ask the question the appropriate group, NemLog-in support, which can be found at https://www.digitaliser.dk/group/2550185.

Morten D. Bech