New postcodes, how to get lat long

Bryan Rasmussen


two questions that are only related in my work -

1. Is there any service where you can sign up for alerts that a new postcode will be coming in a week (or more) 

2. I would like to get all the lat long for current postcodes in DK, I found this but it was last updated in 2012 https://www.aggdata.com/free/denmark-postal-codes so I have no idea if it is actually up to date (is there a service find out when a postcode was issued ?)

I guess I should be able to figure out the lat long from the srid - is there a simple tool, maybe command line or an online service of some sort, that does not require me to have postgis running in order to do conversion ( have searched a bit but lots of noise to get through) so I figured someone here would cut through the noise quickly.



Hi Bryan

You get the polygons of the danish postcodes:


and the documentation:


Kind regards